Fastest growing Unique YouTube Channel Ideas As a Kid to start now

youtube channel ideas for kids | Highest earning youtube channel ideas for kids

Fastest growing Unique YouTube Channel Ideas As a Kid to start now 

Do you know that about 2.3 billion people in the world use Youtube? About 70 percent of them have their own youtube channel. About 96 percent of the users are of age 18 plus and above. Then there is an obvious question that arises in the mind is that how much it is practical that to have a youtube channel as a kid. Well, the answer is that there is low competition and a large audience. Then it is a good idea to have a youtube channel as a kid.
YouTube is the fastest-growing video content platform in this era. There are a lot of youtube channels that are successful enough. Youtube has become a source of income for several people. Lots of you tubers earnings dollars just by creating videos. But it is very important to create unique content which is useful to several people. In this article, you will get some best and unique youtube channel ideas for kids. So without wasting time let's get started.

Best Youtube Channel Ideas For Kids


1. Drawing

drawing youtube channel as a kid

As a kid, if you have some special talent for drawing, or you think that you draw well, paint well, then it's a better idea for your YouTube channel. Just take a camera [ or a smartphone camera], set it on your drawing paper, and start your work. Record the drawing videos, add some music, and then publish it on your YouTube channel. You don’t have to show your face or give your audio necessarily. A simple video and background music can help you out. If you are good enough then you can give the drawing tips and educate the people with your skills. Drawing is a good idea for the YouTube channel for kids.

2. Toys review

toys review youtube channel as kid

Do you know, toy reviews are also an industry on YouTube? Yes, you can become YouTube by reviewing the toys. Just order the latest trending toys and do a review on them. Make a video, give good low background music and then publish it on your YouTube channel. This will give you a chance to make your own fame, earnings, and everything. There are several YouTube channels that are doing the same and are successful.

3. Craft

youtbe channel ideas

Kids having an interest in crafting, can work on this YouTube channel idea for kids. Similar to the drawing channel, one can make videos of crafting with some effects and then post them on your YouTube channel. After that only thing, you need is to make a community that loves your art. And on YouTube, there are a lot of users who will appreciate you and that’s how you become popular. If you have a little skill then don’t let it go wasted, let others know what you have.

4. Singing

singing youtube channel kids

Definitely, this YouTube channel idea is not for every kid. As a kid, if you have a passion and interest in singing then it can be your YouTube channel. No matter what voice you have, but if you are a kid then your singing mistakes too enjoyed by people. Your singing can be up or down, you can make mistakes but the mistaken things often get appreciated by people. Consider a cute baby starting the walk and then falls down, still people enjoy it and share it. That’s it. But the conditions apply, that you can proceed with that only if you have interest and skill.

5. Storytelling

storytelling youtube channel idea as a kid for kids

As a kid what can you do for a YouTube channel? The same question arises in your mind. Simple storytelling can be your successful YouTube channel idea. Just take your books, read the stories. Take the camera and tell the same story in front of it. Add some background sounds, some animations, and then post it on YouTube. If you consistently work on this then you can earn a lot from this storytelling YouTube channel, also you can become an influence with this YouTube channel. If you like this storytelling YouTube channel idea for kids then start working on it right now.

6. Sharing your memories

sharing memories youtube channel ideas as a kid

You might think that how it can be your YouTube channel idea? Then read carefully. Sharing your experiences when you went first to the school, when you got your first phone, how was your experience etc. Etc. This is the simplest way to start a YouTube channel. Start the camera and start speaking. You need some speaking skills for this YouTube channel idea for kids.

7. Dancing

dancing youtube channel as a kid

Dancing is your passion? Do you have an interest in dancing? Then you can start a dancing YouTube channel as a kid. Dance like crazy and make its video. And as a kid, you might know that the dancing videos are shared a lot. Your simple dancing video can become viral. Dancing is a good YouTube channel idea for kids having an interest in it. So what are you waiting for? Start making your dance video and share it on YouTube.

8. Poems

poem reading youtube channel ideas for kids as a kid

If you are able to read well, then you can read the poems and make a video of them. Reading a poem doesn't mean simply reading the poem. You have to read the poems in good tune and adding some beauty to them. You can use background music for it. This is also a unique YouTube channel Idea for the kids.


These were some unique ideas for a youtube channel for kids. Select the one that better suits you or your kid. Hope these unique youtube channel ideas for kids have helped you to open your youtube channel. Some of them are the youtube channel ideas for kids without showing your face and voice. So there is no need to hesitate with your youtube channel so start your own youtube channel and start earning now.

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