A step by step guide on how to find perfect gift ideas For everyone

A step by step guide on how to find perfect gift ideas For everyone

A step by step guide on how to find perfect gift ideas For everyone  

When it comes to occasions, one gets totally out of gift ideas. This is normal. As a human, we get tired of these usual normal gift ideas which are used by every second person on earth. 

We want something unique, genuine, and which suits that event without feeling od odd. Right? 

Also, in the regular scenario, we don't need an occasion to gift anyone. One can gift anything to anyone without planning, that's called a surprise.  Here last-minute gift ideas help you. 

Whether it is for friends, girlfriend, wife, siblings, boyfriend, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, relatives, colleagues, or neighbors you have to choose the gift for everyone. 

And in the market of gifts, you will find everything just to confuse you what to buy. What to do? Here I am to help you with that. 

Just take a one-minute breath and start reading the article. Without any doubt, you will able to impress everyone with a personalized gift for everyone.   

How gifts make your impression good or bad? 

Ya, gifts are just not a piece of objects, but its a feeling that you transfer from one person to another. That makes someone think about you. 

When you give a gift to someone, if that gift seems worthy and precious to someone then your impression in front of that person will definitely good. 

On the other hand,  even you give an expensive gift to a person but not according to his or her mindset, then your impression will be somewhat dull in his or her mind then you expected.

And in reality, gifts are just objects, that can anyone buy in the shop. But the difference between a market product and a gift is that you give it free of cost, just to make that person happy. 

So if the gift is something that makes the person happy then and then only it is a gift. 

If the gift makes him or her disappointed about the gift, means he or she doesn't get the gift that she or he was expecting from you, then there will be definitely a fall in impression. 

That's why gifts are so important on every occasion. So let us move towards the actual topic that is how to choose a perfect gift for a person. 

How to find perfect gift ideas for everyone?

Finding some good gifts which are not common and even don't feel odd is difficult at this time. Isn't it? You are encountering the same problem, right? 

A few days ago I was too confused about what to buy for whom, will it suit her, is it of her level? etc., etc. But later I made a way to find perfect gift ideas for everyone on my list. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose a perfect gift matching someone's personality and the event. 

1. Understand the type of event

Before going to solve a problem you must find a cause

That is said by someone I don't know, but I got what he has to say. See you are confused about what to gift someone? right! So, first of all, think in the broad view, that what type of occasion is this. 

Is this a traditional occasion, modern occasion, birthday, ceremony, engagement, or date, or office party? Many things can be added to these occasions. Finding what kind of an occasion is this? will definitely help you to dig more into it. 

Below is the table in which I have divided all the events and occasions into 5 types along with the types of gifts you can give. 

Type of Event Events Suitable Gift types
Traditional Any traditional events, festivals, religious festivals Traditional gifts
Modern Days like valentine's day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. Modern gifts suitable for a specific event
Casual Date, simple birthday, Office colleague's promotion, gifts for the office meetings, etc. Casual gifts
Organized Wedding, Engagement ceremony, Birthday party, etc. Occasional gifts
Regular Gifts without reason, Gifts to impress someone, surprise gifts, etc. Normal gifts

Traditional Gifts: 

For traditional events, you can give traditional gifts. The traditional gifts include the dress and jewelry that people usually wear in that event, Things that have importance in specific religion related to the event, and the personal accessories that enhance the look of the person at that event. 

For example, At karwa Chauth (A popular traditional event or festival in India) one can gift a saree, golden jewelry, and other related gifts. 

Modern gifts: 

In the modern festivals category, one can give modern gifts.  Modern gifts mean personalized things, digital products, stylish products, etc. 

For example, on fathers day one can give a cool greeting card, a smartwatch, a personalized coffee cup with his photo on it, or a radio to listen to his fav songs, etc. to his father. 

Casual gifts: 

Casual gifts don't come in the category of traditional or modern gifts. The events that don't feel like a festival or an occasion are casual events. 

For that one has to give casual gifts. For example, on the promotion of your office colleague you can give him a bookey or greeting card, etc. 

Occasional Gifts: 

These are the gifts one can give on specific occasions or organized events. Occasions like weddings, engagement ceremonies, etc. can be traditional or modern. 

So according to that one has to give occasional gifts. For example, at the wedding, one can give the home decor gift or showpiece for their happy life, Or the things that can be well-wishing in their future. 

Regular gifts: 

Regular gifts are something that doesn't need a reason for giving someone. The gifts that we can give any time anywhere. 

For example, you can give a bar of chocolate to your children while coming home, or give a good morning greeting card to your wife, etc. 

So, guys, that is how we can classify gifts and events. Hope you got some idea about the gifts and occasions. 

2. Select the gender 

Obviously, if you are giving the gifts to her, then you must look for the ladies section. There is no need to tell you that you have to select a gender. Selecting a gender will help you a lot, as it destroys half of the confusion. Right? 

3. Select the age group

Now the age group is something that you choose apparently and you have the common sense to judge which gift should be given to which type of person. The gifts for adults are different than gifts for the one year child. 

The children generally become happy with the toys, books, chocolates, etc. While teenagers become happy with smartphones, tech gadgets, game consoles, etc. And adults become happy with the expensive gifts. 

4.  Identify the personality

This is one of the important tasks many of us miss. The personality, from the body shape to the mindset everything matters while choosing the gift. 

Don't worry we don't have to go that much deep about it but apparently, you have to consider all these things. 

If you are thinking to give him a dress or shirt then you should consider which type of clothes will suit him? does this shade looks good on his skin color? what type of clothes he actually wears? That's it. 

You can simply choose the gift according to that. Also, the mindset, if you are gifting to an artist then you must think that she likes the paintings, and what type of paintings or she likes the jewelry, etc. 


These four steps make your choice making simple and also save your time. And you can actually think of what type of gift you can give, like never before. 

If you still need some of the gift ideas then what's the problem? Here I write every day about new gift ideas for every occasion. 

So whenever you run out of gift ideas then simply come here. Share with your community, or comment your opinion, as this is the only reward we can get from you.   


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