These 15 Instagram Birthday Story Ideas Will Impress You

These 15 Instagram birthday story ideas will impress you

Instagram birthday story ideas are always been in trend. But if you search it on the web then you rarely get the birthday Instagram story ideas. Here is the best collection of Instagram birthday story ideas. 

Here I will share with you various ways to make the perfect birthday Instagram story with Instagram birthday story ideas examples. Go through these images and stories which will give you an idea about the best Instagram birthday stories for you. Happy birthday Instagram story ideas are waiting for you.  

Instagram birthday story ideas

Brooklyn||Syameen Salehaldin 

Instagram birthday story ideas are always hard to find. Every time there are unique ways to make the birthday story special. Let me tell you how you can make these unique Instagram birthday story ideas.

In the first one, you can see the one image and beautifully drawn happy birthday words with the creative designs around. You can achieve this in simple steps. Obviously, you have to go to your Instagram account and then select the add story option. After that select the photo of your choice for the birthday story. Then you have to click on the curved doodle icon on the top of the screen. And here your work starts.

Doodle happy birthday wishes according to your handwriting, you can also copy the style above. Then select the different colors and cover the letters with that curved lines as shown above. Explore new designs according to your mind and you are done. Once you get satisfied with what you have done, you can publish the story. Don't forget to tag the birthday person. 

The second birthday Instagram story idea is a simple one and you can duplicate it easily. Even you can make it more creative too. Just go to your Instagram account, add a story icon, then select the photo, zoom it, and orient properly. After that select the doodle icon. Then select the color you want. Click on the highlighter option from the top of the screen. 

Give the stroke the same as you are seeing in the above story with yellow color in the z shape. Now click on the ok arrow. After that select the text icon on the top right of the screen. Add each letter one by one. Place and orient them correctly. and you are done. Tag the birthday boy or birthday girl and done.  

instagram birthday story ideas
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You might have posted stories on Instagram or asked questions to your community. But the birthday stories are something that needs creativity. The stories above you are seeing are simple but creative and funny Instagram birthday story ideas.  Both stories we found on the web and you can check them out by clicking on the captions of the images. I know you also want to try these Instagram ideas for your birthday and I am going to tell you right now how you can make these Instagram stories on your own. 

The first story, named "Happy Birthday Da Kota" is easy to make. Take the photo you want to post in the birthday story. Then on the story screen, select the add text option. After that type the line about the person, such as here "Thanks for all good times. I love you!". Select the font as the typewriter font and place it in the right place as placed in the image. 

Similarly, write "Happy Birthday" and choose the correct font, add effects, and place in the right place. Then again click on the text icon and then add each letter separately with the right colors and effect according to your choice. Then arrange and orient the letters effectively. The last thing remaining is to tag your friend. After that, you come to know that your birthday Instagram story is ready. Publish it.

The second Instagram story idea is tricky enough. There is something you need to think of here. Do the same as we do for every story. After the selection of the photo click on the text icon and add the word "Happy" with the appropriate font and effect. Now type the word "Birthday" in the neon font with the right color. Here is the trick. Again type the "Birthday" word with the same font and color. 

Place this "Birthday" word such that it overlaps the first one but make sure both of the words are visible. After that add the name of the person and increase the size with the correct font. And done. For the colorful dots use the doodle option. Publish the story with mention of the birthday person. 

instagram birthday story ideas

Obviously, both the birthday Instagram story ideas in the images are beautiful and creative. But no Instagram birthday story idea is not out of scope. Easily you can use these Instagram story ideas for your own story. I am here to tell you how to make the same Instagram story for a birthday as same as these Instagram birthday story ideas.

Just take the photo you want to make the birthday story of. After that select the doodle icon, and draw the word "Happy" as shown above. You can use various stickers too instead of a doodle. Now add the text "Birthday" below that with the neon font. And again do the same. After that, click on the doodle icon, select the neon option and just start putting dots with different colors around the outline of the person. Completely outline the picture and you are done with it. 

In the next story, Select the photo and start your work. you can just click on the doodle option, select the color and size of the doodle. After that click and hold anywhere on the screen, this will color the whole screen with the selected color. After that click on the eraser icon. Erase the color in the middle with your favorite shape. And it's done. Then add a happy birthday shape according to the shape. It is very simple and you will definitely able to make your birthday Instagram story more attractive and unique than others. 

instagram birthday story ideas

Looking for the best Instagram birthday story ideas. Here are the ideas for Birthday stories on Instagram. Look at the pictures above, these are very creative Instagram birthday ideas. You can take the ideas from these stories. 

To make the same as the first one below is the link to the video at the bottom of the article. The video will absolutely tell you each step of how you can make these Instagram birthday stories of your own. 

instagram birthday story ideas
'Ελένη Βκ || Shopify
Instagram birthday story ideas have the best ideas for crafting fun and creative Instagram birthday story for your special birthday child! include numerous examples, photos, and more.

instagram birthday story ideas  ||

We are going through the best Instagram birthday story ideas. And there are a lot of other ideas to see. One thing that is common in all is that they all are unique. You can share these ideas with your friends and make the unique Instagram birthday story ideas more popular. 

See the above examples for the Instagram birthday ideas. These stories for birthdays made on Instagram with the use of multiple images. You might need a college app for that. Or you can use the layout option available on Instagram story.  I found them on the interest you can do the same. 

instagram birthday story ideas
Pinterest || Reya

The above Instagram birthday story ideas truly reflect creativity. This shows that there is a lot to explore in the Instagram stories for birthdays. The various layouts, various fonts, colors, effects, and creativity make the Instagram stories more and more unique. The minimal Instagram birthday story ideas or the creative Instagram birthday stories ideas are always going to impress you. 

I got these Instagram birthday stories from the various sources available on the web. Here I am sharing the links for your convenience. 




Hope you liked these Instagram Birthday Story Ideas. Try these Instagram birthday story ideas right now. Share these Instagram birthday ideas with your friends and community. 

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