Most creative instagram feed layout ideas of 2021

Most creative instagram feed layout ideas of 2021

Most creative Instagram feed layout ideas of 2021 

With around 1 to 2 billion users worldwide, Instagram keeps its position in the user's lives. Instagram has become a tool for a lot of professionals to grow their businesses. Personal accounts also seek popularity. The Instagram algorithm I have understood over this year is that Instagram always looks for quality. 

The overall look of your Instagram profile is an important factor in Instagram. The way you use the color palette and overall your post's appearance makes your brand popular. The more the users become familiar with your posts, more the engagement you have. And more engagement you have more your page or brand will grow on youtube. 

The Instagram grid is fundamental in making your Instagram profile look good. If you don't know what are Instagram grids and Instagram layouts then don't worry. I will explain it right now. 

What is the Instagram feed layout or Instagram grid? 

Basically, the Instagram layout is the basic arrangement appearance of Instagram posts on the home page of your Instagram profile. It is expected from Instagram that you use a color palette for your posts that signifies your brand. For example, I have a business page on Instagram. 

When I will start making posts, before that I will choose some colors. This means I can choose the various shades of blue color. Every post I will make will be with blue background. Some will have light blue, some will have marine blue, some will have sky blue, etc. This is called a color palette. The relevant and smooth pastel colors are preferred. 

Instead, some people use the puzzle layout, minimal grid, bordered layout, etc. You might know about it. Even if you don't know, I have prepared this article for the Instagram layout ideas. Let's get more ideas about these different layout types and how to implement them. 

Creative Instagram Feed Layout Ideas 

In the era of digital businesses, it is advised that you should build your brand and trust on social media. And Instagram is one of the major places for that. Here is a quick and detailed guide about the creative Instagram feed layout ideas. Some people call it Instagram grid ideas or Instagram theme ideas. No matter whatever you call it, these ideas will ultimately help you. 

1. Minimal Instagram feed layout ideas 

Minimal Instagram feed layout ideas

Minimal can be correlated as the minimum. This era is owned by minimal things. There is no need to make heavy decorations in the posts and adding lots of designs to them. Keep as much as minimum design in your posts. Making a minimal Instagram grid is so simple that you need very little effort for that. Mostly, white color is used for minimal Instagram ideas. Just have the main content on a white or light background and it's done. Make all Instagram posts using the same color and theme. That's the minimal Instagram feed layout idea. 

2. Color Palletes Instagram feed layout ideas 

Minimal Instagram feed layout ideas

Using the color palette for the profile feed grid layout is the common thing now. But most people don't know about this trend. Here I have given example about it. The color palette used above is blue. You can see the posts having a bluish tint in the feed layout. The ocean post or the swimming pool, or the decorated room everything has a blue shaded tint. Among all Instagram feed layout ideas, this is a very important point in the use of the specific color palette. So simply you can apply filters of various colors to make your all images look the same colored. Or one can directly click the photos or produce content with the selected colors.

3. Bordered Instagram Feed Layout Ideas 

Minimal Instagram feed layout ideas

Another Instagram grid idea, that is very creative is that the use of borders. The borders can actually enhance the overall appearance of the posts on Instagram. The borders can be used to create a great impression on the audience by actually making an illusion in your Instagram profile grid. Some people use the white while some people use the black border. The different widths of the borders can help you to create an amazing Instagram feed layout idea.

4. Refreshing Instagram feed layout ideas 

Minimal Instagram feed layout ideas

As you can see the Instagram grid here is quite refreshing. The people who love freshness will attract to this type of Instagram theme idea. One can achieve this type of Instagram layout idea with the help of vibrant colors. The most refreshing colors are blue, orange, yellow, and much more. Use these colors to enhance your posts. The refreshing photos like lemon juice, ice, etc. Will make your grid more refreshing. For the summer recipe youtube channel, you can make this type of Instagram page and use this refreshing Instagram theme idea. 

5. Vertical Instagram feed layout ideas 

Vertical Instagram feed layout ideas

Another trending Instagram layout idea. Arranging your Instagram feed posts in such a way that it has the posts on both sides and in the middle, it has single-colored text posts. This means the posts that can separate the normal posts on both sides. If you post about photography then on the boost sides you should post the photos and in the middle, you should use some text representing that posts. This was just an example, you should do the same if you are interested in this type of Instagram layout idea. 

6. Colorful Instagram feed layout ideas 

Colorful Instagram feed layout ideas

Those people who like to enjoy the colors of life should use this Instagram grid layout idea. Don't choose any color palette, just pic random colored photos. As here are the yellow-colored, blue-colored, pink-colored posts with the same darkness and lightness, are placed beautifully with the gap of the white background text posts. This ultimately gives a new refreshment to the eyes. This beautiful Instagram layout idea is personally my favorite. 

7. Puzzle Instagram feed layout ideas

Puzzle Instagram feed layout ideas

Deliberately, I placed this type of Instagram feed layout idea at the last. Because this Instagram feed layout idea is very unique. One of the most searched Instagram layout ideas is the puzzle Instagram theme. This looks similar to the puzzle. Just break an image into the various parts and then post on Instagram in such a way that it created that image again. The simple trick is that create a big image, and crop it into squares of the same ratio. Simple! 

So these were the best Instagram feed layout ideas for you. Hope you got an idea about the different ideas for the creative Instagram grids and layouts. If you liked it, then share this knowledge with your community. Help us to grow. Comment your queries and you can subscribe if you liked the content. Thank you. 

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