Most Engaging Instagram Contest Ideas and Giveaway Prize Ideas

Most engaging Instagram Contest Ideas and Giveaway Prize Ideas

Here are the best Instagram contest ideas and giveaway prize ideas. Get the vast world of ideas here for the Instagram contests and Instagram giveaway prize ideas.

Instagram Giveaways are the best way to have the boost in the engagement and the reach of Instagram account and profile. It makes your audience promote your account naturally without even letting them know. I define giveaways as the natural promotion without running ads on Instagram. Here is something I have discussed. Have a look at it.     

What are Instagram Giveaways? 

You might hear about the Instagram Giveaways, Twitter giveaways, and Facebook giveaways? Most of you know about it. Let me tell you about it once again. 

Instagram giveaway is a process in which you tell your Instagram audience to do something and one who wins, you will offer a prize to him or her. Simple, right! But why you will organize the Giveaway contest? 

The simple reason is "to grow". Giveaways allow you to tell your audience do work for your promotion. It's your choice that what actually want from the giveaway. If you like more and more likes then you can arrange content according to that. That's it. Hope this short definition of the Instagram giveaway has helped you to understand it in a better way.

Why should you hold contests and giveaways? 

As you are thinking of contest ideas for Instagram, let me tell you something about it. Instagram contests have a lot to do with the engagement and growth of the Instagram profile. According to Tailwind, about 70% faster growth of Instagram followers has seen in the profiles that hold contests than those who don't. 

instagram contest ideas

Another stat will definitely show you that how much impact the giveaways and contests have. The stats also say that accounts get 64 times more comments and 3.5 times more likes after holding a contest than an average post. This definitely describes why you should hold a contest or giveaway. 

instagram giveaway ideas

Instagram Contest Ideas

For the Instagram giveaway ideas, you must arrange the contest. Here are the best Instagram contest ideas which are more popular and some of them are very unique such that people will love to participate in them. The Instagram contests are sometimes hard to arrange but the perfect strategy will help you to do it more winningly Here I am sharing the list of Instagram contest ideas or you can say Instagram giveaway contest ideas.  

1. Use My Hashtag

Yes, Use my hashtag. Hashtags are a popular and very important component of Instagram. The visitors that don't know you can come to your account with the help of hashtags. You can create your own hashtag and tell the audience to post something using this hashtag. 

It's very simple and everyone will do it definitely. Then you can check the posts under that hashtag and choose the one you like. And from that, you can select the winners. 

But what will you get from this? You will get more people to know about you, you will get more followers and engagement. Yes if someone shares a post with your hashtag, then it will let their community know about your hashtag and finally will bring them to your profile. 

Also, the giveaway means a prize, so most of the people will share this news with their friends and they will also follow you and participate in the contest.  

2. Create Content For Me 

User-generated content is the best way to become more popular on social media, especially on Instagram. You can tell the audience or fans to create content using your brand. Suppose if you have the glasses as your brand, then you can arrange a contest and tell the people to wear your glasses and take a selfie and share it with you. 

Then you can make a lucky draw in front of all on Instagram live and choose the three winners. That's it. This will increase your sales, leads, traffic, and followers. Isn't it a good Instagram contest idea?  

3. Tag Your Friends in the Comments

Yes, that's another type of Instagram contest idea. The process is so simple and these giveaway ideas for Instagram are very much effective that you cant imagine how much traffic and followers it can generate. Simply tell everyone to like the post and comment. 

But in the comment, they have to tag their friends. Those who will tag more and more friends in a limited time will win. Or you can simply do the lucky draw. This Instagram contest idea will tag multiple people to your post, which means everyone tagged will get the notification. 

Then the notified persons will 100% click the notification and come to your post. They will like that post and comment. After that, few will return but others will scroll through your whole profile. And those who liked it will follow it. And this will happen with every comment. The ultimate boost in engagement and reach is the best prize you can get from giveaways.  

4. Impress me With Your Comments

This is the simplest and one of the effective ways to arrange giveaways on Instagram. There is nothing hard in telling the fans to comment on your post and impress you. You can arrange a lucky draw and select the price. Isn't it simple?  

The reason for this type of giveaway contest on Instagram is that it will boost your engagement. The post on which a lot of people are commenting will be shown to more and more people in suggestions. This will ultimately work as a natural promotion of your profile.  

5. Mention me In a Beautiful Story 

Mentioning in the story is one of the unique Instagram contest ideas and it is new now. That's why the users are not known much about it. This will give you a chance to have a giveaway in a unique and different way. The one who will make a beautiful and impressive story mentioning account will be the winner. This will give a quick boost to your reach. 

6. Suggest Bio Ideas 

An impressive bio can be a metric for the giveaway on Instagram. While searching for the Instagram contest ideas, you must consider this. Tell the users to suggest the best bio for you in the comments or in the chatbox. Simple. This will give the interest to participate in your Instagram giveaway contest. So don't miss it at all. 

Gift Ideas to Offer an Instagram Giveaway

If you went through the above section of the article, then you must have learned about the Instagram giveaway contest ideas. Now the next trouble you may face is what to gift the winners or what should be the prize for the giveaway, right? 

Don't worry about that at all. I am here to give you the prize ideas for the Instagram giveaways under your budget. Simple prize ideas for giveaways are waiting for you. 

Expensive Giveaway Prize Ideas 

These expensive giveaway prize ideas include gifts or prizes that you can giveaway from your side to the winners of the Instagram contest. 

Apple products: Macbook, I phone, I pad, Apple TV, etc., etc. 

Flagship products from top companies 

4K television, Expensive Home theatre, and speakers set

A gift hamper containing tech gadgets 

An expensive car or vehicle in your budget

A DSLR camera

A trip to Europe 

Two days stay hotel voucher 

Plane tickets   

A flat or house 

Some amount of money

A voyage in the sea 

A gaming setup 

Expensive dress, necklace, shoes, etc. 

Subscription-Based Giveaway Prize Ideas 

Subscription-based prize ideas can be very helpful for the audience which really admires you. If you have something which people subscribe to by paying you, then you can offer the winners a free subscription for one year. Also, you can buy other subscriptions and gift them to the winners. This is a worth participating prize for the giveaway. 

online pharmacy subscriptions 

Digital news subscriptions 

OTT subscriptions 

App subscriptions 

Youtube channel subscriptions 

Online shopping platform membership 

Event subscriptions 

One year postpaid service on SIM 

Low Budget Giveaway Prize Ideas

I know spending a lot of money on the giveaway is not worth paying right? Here I have some ideas for the low-budget giveaway prizes for you. Here is a list. 

Makeup Kit 

A watch 



Hair oils 

Face care  hamper

One month recharge 

Free router installation 

T-shirt, jeans, shoes, etc. 

Famous books 

That's what you can offer to the giveaway winners. You can offer anything you can in the giveaway. But make sure that the giveaway will attract the users. 


The Instagram giveaway ideas and contest ideas for Instagram are the things that need smart planning. For the giveaway ideas, you can offer anything you have. There is no need to always shift to expensive gifts and prizes for the Instagram giveaway. 

Hope you liked these Instagram contest ideas and the Instagram giveaways prize ideas. Hope you will take it into consideration and will grow your youtube channel for sure. 

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