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Sponsored content | Paid guest post

We accept sponsored content and paid guest posts.

Paid guest posting sites are always there to increase your authority and reach. Get our audience to make your content and product profitable. Here is how can you publish a sponsored content on our website at minimum cost ever. 
First of all, Here is some info about our website. 
  • we have about more than 10000 traffic currently. This number is increasing day by day. 
  • we have more visitors than the tools show you. 
  • The audience is quality audience from United States, India and other countries. 
  • The website is niche website, so we can accept only relevant contents. 
  • If your content is out of our niche then you have to pay more for it for publishing.
  • Feel free to contact with us at gamingn321@gmail.com. 
  • Definately we guarantee that YOUR CONTENT WILL BE ACCPTED if you contact us. 
Our website's niche:
  • Gift ideas (in this section you can give any of the content about the affiliate product or your product which you have to sell)
  • Youtube ideas (Here you can give content regarding the different things related to youtube, even digital marketing blogs can also publish content in this section)
  • Instagram ideas (Here you can publish content regarding the instagram, related tools and content. also your product can be featured in these posts)
  • Sponsored content category (Any content other than above niche is included in this category. If you want to publish your sponsored content in this section then you have to pay 1-2%extra than normal cost.)
Sponsored external links:
  • we provide sponsored links to your blog for minimal cost. Feel free to reach for the paid link building. 
Prohibitted content:
  • Any malicious, defaming, adult, age restricted, gambling, and scrapped content will not provided any favour from us.
Prices for paid guest posts/ sponsored content:

Here is a quick summary over cost of paid guest posts, paid links and  sponsored content. 
  • 600 words relevant sponsosred content - rs. 69 per post
  • 600 words non relevant sponsored content - rs.89 per post 
  • 800 wprds relevant paid guest post - rs. 89 per post 
  • 800 words non relevant paid guest post - rs. 99 per post 
  • 1000 words relevant sponsored content - rs. 129 per post 
  • 1000 words non relevant sponsored content - rs. 139 per post 
Those who publish more than 3 paid guest posts or sponsored content, will offered special discount. 
More than these words limit content will be accepted with fair prices. 

Paid external link price is starting from rs.99 . depending upon quality of your content and relevancy. If your content is relevant and more quality, then you will be offered less price. 

Terms and conditions:

  • Once you publish your spnsored content, you will have the right to demand any edit and removal within 15 days. 
  • After 15 days there will be no editing done by our team to your content. 
  • If you demand the removal anytime after 15 days then the content will be removed according to your request, and your money wont be refunded. 
  • If you demand to remove within 15 days, still you will not be refunded, but your content can be removed. 
  • You will refunded only when you request to remove content within 3 hrs of your content publishing. 
  • Same conditions apply to the external link building. 
  • We dont owe any responsibilty of the traffic and dont guarantee how much conversion you get. Its totally yours decision to publish content on our site, and you are respinsible for whatever profit you get or not from it. 
  • If your content is seo friendly then it is in your benifit that this content will rank on google. So your contents quality will determine how much your paid guest post will get conversion.
  • Once you pay to us , you agree all these terms and conditions. 
Payment methods accepted:
  • NET banking 
  • UPI 
  • wallets such as PAYTM, PHONEPE, GOOGLEPAY, Bhim UPI
  • Any other digital transaction available at the time of the deal 
Read everything carefully and contact us at gamingn321@gmail.com for the Queries regarding paid guest posts and sponsored content and also for paid external links. Thank you.

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